Name in Kanji シーカー
Name in Romaji Shīkā
Fighting Style Steel rods
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Captain of Ken-Oh's Recon Party (anime)
Appearances Manga (ch. 62), Anime (ep. 44)
Voice actor(s) Shigeru Chiba
Seeker (シーカー, Shiikā)
A reconnaissance agent of Ken-Oh who attacks Mamiya while on her way to her village from Cassandra. His most notable characteristics includes his goggles and long tongue, which is notable when he laughs. Kenshiro saves Mamiya and kills him with his own metal rods.

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV series, he is the Captain of Ken-oh's Recon Patrol (拳王偵察隊, Ken'ō Teisatsutai), with the other members looking just like him.

Notes Edit

  • Seeker seems to be designed after a chameleon; goggles resemble a chameleon's eyes, his hat the reptiles horn, a long tongue, and his striped sash hangs down from his waist to his legs like a tail.