Shark, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji シャーク
Name in Romaji Shāku
Fighting Style Bowgun, Spear (anime)
Position(s) Guardian of a water reservoir
Appearances Manga (ch. 18), Anime (ep. 11)
Voice actor(s) Unknown
Shark (シャーク Shāku?)[1]
A thug hired by a certain presumably unfriendly village to be the guardian of their water reservoir. The village was located 3km to the east of where Toyo and her orphans lived. One night, while Kenshiro, Bat and Lin were staying at Toyo's home, Taki (one of Toyo's orphans) sneaked into the village to get water for Toyo. However, Shark caught Taki as he was escaping and shot him with his bowgun, mortally wounding him. Kenshiro arrived too late to rescue Taki and in retaliation he chopped Shark's head in half with his hand.

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV series, Shark is unable to catch Taki, who is accompanied by Bat on his buggy when they steal the water, and therefore does not get killed by Kenshiro.


  • The name "Shark" was not used in the original manga nor in the TV series and only denominated in the Hokuto no Ken Online computer game. Despite his animal-themed name, Shark was not a member of Jackal's gang.



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