Sheeno, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji シーノ
Name in Romaji Shīno
Alternate spelling(s) Shiino
Fighting Style Spear
Allegiance(s) Jakō
Family Jakoh (father)
Jask (older brother)
Position(s) Imperial Guard
Appearances Manga (ch. 150-151)
Voice actor(s) Takeshi Mori (Shin Hokuto Musou)
Sheeno (シーノ, Shīno)
Jakoh's youngest son, who rose to power within the Imperial Empire when his father usurped the Tentei. He is responsible for the death of Shōki, but Kenshirō would later kill him by throwing the same spear all the way to the capital, impaling Sheeno who recognizes his weapon and dies in disbelief

TV seriesEdit

In the anime series, Sheeno's role is replaced by Boltz, the General of the Blue Light, like Sheeno, Bolts fights with a spear.

Video Games Edit

In the Mega Drive adaptation of the second series, Sheeno appears as a boss character. He fights similarly Bask but without the spinning attack, additionally Javelins are thrown at Kenshiro from offscreen during the battle. When defeated, Sheeno explodes.
In the Last Battle localization, Sheeno is given a red skin tone and bleeds green, making him look more like a monster then a man.
Sheeno appears in Shin Hokuto Muso. In Legend Mode, Sheeno appears as an NPC and has a smaller role due to Shoki's absence. He is killed when Kenshiro impales him with a Javelin. In the dream and challenge modes, Sheeno is a fightable boss using a dual club moveset.