Shichisei Massatsu
Shichisei Massatsu (manga)


Kanji 七星抹殺
Romaji Shichisei Massatsu
English Seven Star Obliteration
School Hokuto Shin Ken

Shichisei Massatsu  (七星抹殺, Seven Star Obliteration)

A deadly technique that sacrifices the life of its user in order to presumably kill or permanently disable his opponent.
The only use of this technique was never fully demonstrated, as Koryu used this attack in a failed attempt to defeat Raoh during their battle, only for the Shichisei Massatsu to fail as Koryu's hands were destroyed by Raoh's fist, with Raoh punching and pummeling Koryu to death immediately after.

Appears in Edit

Fist of the North Star

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