Shichisei Tenshin
Shichisei Tenshin (manga)

(しち) (せい) (てん)

Kanji 七星点心
Romaji Shichisei Tenshin
English Seven Star Point Spirit
School Hokuto Shin Ken

Shichisei Tenshin  (七星点心, Seven Star Point Spirit)

A secret technique of Hokuto Shinken that allows the user to move in a pattern resembling the Hokuto Shichi Sei. This allows the user to attack their opponent from seven blind spots inherent in a human's field of vision, with each blind spot corresponding to a star in the Big Dipper constellation.
Ryuken used this technique in his attempt to seal Raoh's fists prior to the latter's quest to dominate the post-apocalyptic world through fear. It proved highly effective in weakening Raoh; however, Ryuken's failing health caused him to falter before he could deliver the final blow.
Raoh himself uses Shichisei Tenshin (translated as Seven Star Spirit) in the Hokuto Musou video game series. In this appearance, the technique causes seven pillars of red light to erupt in front of Raoh, forming the pattern of the Big Dipper on the ground before he dashes through anything in his path.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga


Hokuto Musou

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