Shion, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji シオン
Name in Romaji Shion
Alternate spelling(s) Zion
Allegiance(s) Huey, Last Nanto General
Family Huey (older brother)
Position(s) Lieutenant of the Wind Brigade
Appearances Anime (ep. 84-85)
Voice actor(s) Keiichi Nanba
Shion (シオン Shion?)
The younger brother of Huey, who only appears in the TV series. He also served as the lieutenant of the Wind Brigade.
When they confront Ken-Oh on the battlefield, Huey is felled by a single blow and the Wind Brigade sacrifice themselves to buy Shion time to report back to headquarters. Shion rides away on his motorcycle, distraught at his brother's death, but he is fatally wounded by arrows. He survives long enough to report his brother's death and the extent of Raoh's strength to Rihaku, before dying in Tou's arms.


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