Shishinoko Otoshi
Kanji 獅子(しし)()()()()()
Romaji Shishinoko Otoshi
English Lion Cub Drop
School Hokuto Shin Ken
Hokumon no Ken

Shishinoko Otoshi (獅子の子落とし Lion Cub Drop)

A severe entrance trial one must undergo before pursuing the path of Hokuto Shin Ken denshōsha. Ryūken was shown casting Raoh, Toki, and later, Kenshiro off a cliff. Only if they can survive the fall and climb back up would they be permitted access to the dojo. Later on, it is shown that Hokumon no Ken uses the same trial, but Seiji misunderstood the reasons his father put him through it.
Shishinoko Otoshi is based on the Asian misconception that lions throw their cubs off cliffs and raise only the surviving ones to make sure they're strong. This apocryphal tale dates back at least to the 14th century historical epic Taiheiki.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
  • Chapter 100 - Raoh and Toki are thrown off the cliff by Ryuken.
  • Chapter 102 - Kenshiro is thrown off the cliff.
Anime Series
  • Episode 71 - Raoh and Toki are thrown off the cliff by Ryuken.


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