Shōza as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ショウザ
Name in Romaji Shōza
Allegiance(s) Kenshiro
Family Juza (father)
Ryuga (uncle)
Yuria (aunt)
Appearances Manga (ch. 136½)
The son of Juza, Shōza (ショウザ?) is a teen boy that cares for Kokuoh and Kenshiro after the latter is wracked with grief over the death of Yuria. After his village is attacked by Daruja's Area X army and the women and children are taken hostage, Shōza and Kokuoh decide to take matters into their own hands and valiantly charge Area X alone in vain. A wounded Kokuoh later returns to Kenshiro with Shōza's body. Shōza's death breaks Kenshiro from his self-pity and motivates him to hunt down Daruja and the rest of Jakō's forces.

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