Shume (manga)
Shume (with baby Shuken), as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji シュメ
Name in Romaji Shume
Alternate spelling(s) Shume
Family Ouka (older sister)
Shuken (son)
Ryuou (nephew)
Position(s) Hokuto Sōke descendant
Appearances Manga, (ch. 207), Anime (ep. 150)
Voice actor(s) Yuriko Yamamoto
Shume (シュメ, Shume)
A woman of the Hokuto Sōke clan who existed 2000 years ago. The younger sister of Ouka, the both of them gave birth to sons on the same day: Ouka to Ryuou, and Shume to Shuken. However, she was already suffering from illness when she gave birth, meaning that Ouka wet-nursed her child for her.
The Hokuto priests decreed that since only one male heir could become successor, the two children would be taken to the mountain plateau and left to the mercy of wolves, with the survivor becoming successor. Shume tried to save Shuken from the ritual but was discovered by Ouka and the priests. It was then that Shume revealed that her illness was terminal and her dying wish was to see her son live on as successor. Ouka was moved by her sister's sorrow and declared that Shuken would become successor, and in return for Ryuou's life, she committed suicide from the cliff. With the love of both his mother and auntie, Shuken became the founder of Hokuto Shinken.