Siska, as he appears in Kenshirō Den.
Name in Kanji シスカ
Name in Romaji Shisuka
Family Momo (daughter, deceased)
Position(s) Ruler of Gesso City
Appearances Kenshirō Den
Voice actor(s) Shōzō Iizuka
Siska (シスカ, Shisuka)
The despotic ruler of Gesso City. He was once the section chief of a software company run by Guruma, and hated to be reminded of his pre-holocaust life, preferring to be called 'General'. Siska kept many innocent people as hostages in his underground prison to blackmail their families into servitude, including Guruma's young son.
Siska was seemingly killed by one of Jugai's henchmen, who infiltrated the city to steal the remote detonators Siska was using to control the city. However, he survived long enough to activate a hidden detonator and destroy the city along with him.