The Southern Cross arc is the second half and conclusion to the Shin arc. In the Hokuto no Ken manga it is the second arc in the series while in the anime it is the sixth arc.

In this arc, Kenshiro makes it to the city of Southern Cross and finishes off the remaining members of the King Organization leading to his final battle against Shin in an attempt to save Yuria.




Anime & Manga DifferencesEdit

  • While this arc happens directly after the King arc in the manga, the anime placed the Golan arc and Warriors arc in between and adding connections to Shin in them as well as placing two filler arcs, the Patra arc and the King's Disciples arc so the Shin arc has more depth to it and having it so the final fight with Shin doesn't happen until the end of the first season.
  • In the manga, Ken fights against Club when entering the city and then fights against Heart in Shin's throne room just before his battle with Shin. In the anime, Kenshiro already defeated Club and Heart way earlier back in the King arc in different locations.
  • In the anime many subplots were added in before Ken actually steps foot into Southern Cross such as:
    • Kenshiro's entire battle against the various squads in King's army.
    • Yuria and her maid Saki plotting an escape and having Saki's brother Temujina escape to go inform Kenshiro that Yuria is in Southern Cross.
    • A resistance group from Gina Village led by Jennifer that is fighting to oppose the Kings.
    • Balcom, the leader of Shin's army attempting a plot to over throw Shin because of his annoyance of Shin's obsession with Yuria.

Arc NavigationEdit

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