Tai Feng
Name in Kanji 泰峰
Name in Romaji Taihō
Alternate spelling(s) Taifeng
Fighting Style Hokuto Ryuka Ken
Allegiance(s) Liu Xuanxin
Appearances Souten no Ken ch. 219

Tài Fēng (Chinese and Japanese: 泰峰; Wade-Giles: T'ai Feng; rōmaji: Taihō) Flag of the Republic of China

Tai Feng was a pupil of Liu Xuanxin and senior to Liu Zongwu. He traveled to Japan to challenge Tesshin Kasumi to a duel. A young Kenshiro Kasumi greeted him at the Hokuto Temple three times, each time lying to Tai Feng that the master was out. On that final time, Kenshiro taunted Tai Feng and provoked him into a fight, with Kenshiro easily evading all his attacks.

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