Ryuga style

Taizan Tenrō Ken

Taizan Tenrō Ken  (泰山天狼拳, Taishan Heavenly Wolf Fist) - The style of Ryuga of the Tenrō-sei ("Celestial Wolf Star"). This style allows the user to chop flesh from the victim's body, slicing the nerves so fast it inflicts a cold sensation before death.


Tenrō Go Ho Ken

Tenrō Gōh Ken (天狼剛氷拳, Heavenly Wolf Hard Ice Fist): Juza Gaiden original technique.

Tenrō Tōga Ken

Tenrō Tōga Ken (天狼凍牙拳,, Heavenly Wolf Freezing Fang Fist?): A swift downward strike.

Tenrō Tohyo Ken

Tenrō Tohyō Ken (天狼凍雹拳, Heavenly Wolf Frozen Hail Fist): Juza Gaiden original technique.

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