The Taizanji Kenpō (泰山寺拳法, "Taishan Temple Martial Arts") was the original rival style of Hokuto Shin Ken in the two pilot episodes of Hokuto no Ken drawn and written by Tetsuo Hara. In the present day setting of the pilot episodes, the Taishan Temple is an organization of assassins that disguises themselves to the public as a regular martial arts school, working primarily as assassins for powerful political figures. Eventually, they carried much influence over the world's governments, extending their hands to Japan. When Hokuto no Ken was picked up as a series, this storyline was discarded and Nanto Sei Ken (and later Hokuto Ryū Ken) took on the role of Hokuto Shin Ken's primary rival style, reducing the Taishan style to a minor one used primarily by small fry characters. According to the 1986 publication Hokuto no Ken Special: All About the Man, the school's name is derived the Chinese epithet "Mount Tai & Big Dipper" (泰山北斗, Taizan Hokuto) from The New Book of Tang's Han Yu Chapter[1], since they were the original enemies of the Hokuto Shin Ken style.

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