Takashi Ukaji
Takashi Ukaji
BirthdateAugust 15 1962 (1962-08-15) (age 55)
BirthplaceFlag of Japan Kabukichō, Tokyo, Japan
FamilyShizue Ukaji (mother)
Notable RelativesHaruzo Urakawa (uncle)
EthnicityFlag of the Ainu people Ainu
Notable Credit(s)

Takashi Ukaji (宇梶 剛士 Ukaji Takashi?, born August 15, 1962 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actor.

Early lifeEdit

Born in Tokyo, but raised in Hiroshima Prefecture, Ukaji was the leader of one of Japan's largest bosozoku groups before becoming an actor.[1] His mother is Shizue Ukaji, a prominent Ainu poet and artist.[2]

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no KenEdit

Ten no HaohEdit

External linksEdit

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