Tanji and Jiro
Danji and Jiro
Tanji and Jiro, as they appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji タンジ・ジロ
Name in Romaji Tanji, Jiro
Allegiance(s) Fudo
Family Hiruka (biological father), Fudoh (adoptive father), Kan (adoptive brother)
Position(s) Orphans
Appearances Manga (ch. 117-119), Anime (ep. 94-106)
Voice actor(s) Kyōko Tongū (Tanji), Sanae Takagi (Jiro)

Tanji (タンジ?) and Jiro (ジロ?) were two young siblings who were abandoned by their real father Hiruka. Fudoh adopted them as his adoptive children and took care of them as if they were his own. When Fudoh attempted to aid Kenshirō in his quest to reach the Nanto Capital, Hiruka took the opportunity to kidnap his own children and lure Fudoh to a trap. The siblings were thrown to a sandtrap by Hiruka, but Fudoh managed to save them and the three were eventually rescued by Kenshirō.

In the anime adaptation, Hiruka's relation to the children was changed from being their biological father to being an unspecified blood relative.

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