Targel, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ターゲル
Name in Romaji Tāgeru
Alternate spelling(s) Tagel
Fighting Style Kokushō Jūji Ken
Allegiance(s) Raoh, Uighur
Position(s) Underling of Uighur
Appearances Anime (ep. 38)
Voice actor(s) Yusaku Yara
Targel (ターゲル Tāgeru?)
A minion who serves Uighur at Cassandra and a master of the Kokushō Jūji Ken style. He only appears in the TV series.
In the anime continuity, Targel kills the successor of Sūzan Tsūhi Ken, who had rebelled against Uighur after the warden had ordered him and his family to be imprisoned.
After Bella failed to assassinate Kenshiro, Targel murdered her mother who had been taken hostage. Bella took on Targel to avenge her mother's death but was also killed. Kenshiro arrived on the scene shortly afterwards and battled against Targel. This time Targel was no match for his opponent and was defeated by the Hokuto Gekitsui Shi (北斗撃墜指) technique, striking his Hyakkai vital point.



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