Tensho Hyakuretsu Ken
Tenshō Hyakuretsu Ken (manga)

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Kanji 天翔百裂拳
Romaji Tenshō Hyakuretsu Ken
English Heaven Soaring Hundred Rending Fists
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Gō no Ken style

Tenshō Hyakuretsu Ken  (天翔百裂拳, Heaven Soaring Hundred Rending Fists)

A technique that inflicts countless blows upon the enemy while flying gracefully through the air. Toki, a specialist in airborne attacks, uses this technique exquisitely on Raoh during their second battle.

Appears in Edit

Hokuto Ga Gotoku (2018) - Kenshiro can use this technique as a counter to an enemy who are jumping in the air.