Tenshō Jūji Hō
Tenshō Jūji Hō (manga)

(てん) (しょう) 十字(じゅう じ)

Kanji 天翔十字鳳
Romaji Tenshō Jūji Hō
English Heaven-Soaring Cross Phoenix
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Hōō Ken style
Tenshō Jūji Hō  (天翔十字鳳 Heaven-Soaring Cross Phoenix?)
The one and only stance of the Nanto Hōō Ken style, it is assumed when facing a worthy opponent. Souther assumed this stance once Kenshiro uncovered the secret of his body. It launches into a powerful aerial attack which glides through an opponent's defenses. Kenshiro could only counter this technique by using a long-range ki attack called Tenha Kassatsu.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Souther performs this against Kenshiro in volume 11, chapter 96, titled "A Sky-Shattering Fist!" (天砕く拳!! の巻 Ten Kudaku Kobushi!! no Kan?)
Hokuto Musō
Souther sends a pillar of ki skywards sending enemies flying into the air while leaping into the air and then releases an omni-directional blast of ki from his body, slicing all the airborne enemies around him.

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