The Tentei (天帝 Heaven Emperor) is the ruler of the Central Capital and the masters of Gento Kō Ken are her personal guardians. Originally, the Hokuto Sōke was the "Shield of the Tentei" and Hokuto Shin Ken was used to defend the Tentei.

Hokuto no KenEdit

Sometime in the late 20th century, twin Tentei daughters were born, Lui and Lin. This was an ill omen and threatened to split the Heavens in two. Jakō forced Falco to enforce the harsh archaic law: the younger twin Lin was to be killed. Falco could not go through with it and secretly gave Lin to a loving adoptive family. Lui grew up to be crowned Tentei and Lin was raised a commoner unaware of her true identity.

After the nuclear holocaust, Jakō kidnapped Lui and declared himself regent. Kenshiro and the Hokuto Army later helped liberate Lui and she and Lin were reuinited.

Souten no KenEdit

After being beaten by Kenshirō Kasumi, Emperor Aisin-Gioro Puyi exclaimed that the successor of Hokuto Shin Ken is supposed to be the Emperor's protector. It is unclear if this means that the Tentei is the same thing as the Emperor of China or if Puyi is simply mistaken. (He wasn't even really the Emperor of China at this point in history.)

In real lifeEdit

The word 天帝 (Tentei) can refer to: