Tentei Ken (天帝拳?, lit. "Heaven Emperor Fist") is the name of two different martial arts styles featured in the role-playing video games Hokuto no Ken 4 and Hokuto no Ken 5. The two versions of the style have differing origins.

In Hokuto no Ken 4, Tentei Ken is a martial art style created by Maten-Oh, who combined various techniques he learned from various schools into one form. Maten-Oh's style allowed him to generate a Matōki strong enough to carve the mountainsides of Madō Island, reshaping the entire island to resemble a demon's face. It also made him invulnerable to physical attacks, as well as all sorts of gōken and jūken techniques. The only technique capable of dispelling Maten-Oh's Matōki was Tensho Honretsu, which the Hero learns from Ryu by fighting him at the Hokuto Renkitōza.

In Hokuto no Ken 5, Tentei Ken is a secret martial art practiced by fighters descended from the Tentei bloodline. It branched off from the Makō Ken school 2,000 years ago when the Makōtei's younger brother (the original Tentei and ancestor of the game's Hero) turned against him, walking different paths. Whereas the Makō Ken style follows a path of hatred, Tentei Ken follows a path of love. The ultimate technique of the Tentei Ken style can only be learned by uniting the powers of the Hokuto, Nanto and Gento schools.

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