Tetsu and Yom
Tetsu & Yom, as they appear in the manga.
Name in Kanji テツ & ヨム
Name in Romaji Tetsu, Yomu
Family Nagato (father)
Petero (grandfather)
Position(s) Nagato's sons
Appearances Manga (ch. 191), Anime (ep. 142)
Voice actor(s) Saori Sugimoto (Tetsu)
Seiko Nakano (Yom)
Tetsu (テツ?) and Yom (ヨム?)
The two young sons of Nagato. After the death of their father at Hyoh's hand, he orders his soldiers to destroy Nagato's village and kill them. Kenshiro and Shachi turn up to save the boys but they are too late to rescue Yom, who dies of his wounds. Tetsu survives the attack but his fate is left unknown in the manga.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime series, we meet their grandfather, Petero, who lives with them at the village. In this version, both boys survive the attack from Hyoh's army, and remain with their grandfather thereafter.


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