Tian Xuéfāng (traditional Chinese: 田學芳Japanese: 田学芳 Den Gakuhō) Flag of the Republic of China
(c.v. Minoru Inaba)

The Number Three Boss of the Hónghuá Huì his nickname is Shuǐhǔ Tian or Kappa Tian for the bald patch atop his head, he now wears a heavy iron (made of gold in the anime) toupee. Has metal

Tian with heavy iron toupee.

hands. He dies from drowning in a bath house after Kenshirō Kasumi disabled his arms and legs as Tian was unable to lift his head due to his heavy wig.
Gold tian II
Kappa tian2

Notes Edit

  • Tian's physical appearance may be based off of then real estate mogul, Donald Trump.