Origin Tokyo Zokei University
Years active 1978-1987

TOM★CAT (トム・キャット Tomu Kyatto?) was a 1980s Japanese band. They are best known for their song Furare Kibun de Rock 'n' Roll (ふられ気分でロックンロール?) and for "Tough Boy", used as the opening theme for Hokuto no Ken 2.


  • Atsumi "Tom" Matsuzaki (松崎淳美?, 1961/11/12): Vocals, Keyboards
  • Akio Hinago (日名子昭夫), Seiji Nagayoshi (永吉せいじ): Guitar
  • Fusahiko Ishikawa (石川総彦), Tadashi Horio (堀尾忠司): Bass
  • Kaoru Takagaki (高垣薫): Drums
  • Keisuke Kikuchi (菊地圭介), Gen Suzuki (鈴木弦): Keyboards
TOM CAT - ふられ気分でRock'n Roll (Furare kibun de Rock'n Roll)04:20

TOM CAT - ふられ気分でRock'n Roll (Furare kibun de Rock'n Roll)




In 2003, a TV show did a "Where are they now" special on Tom and found her working in an ironworks, where she declared herself a one-hit wonder.[1]


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