Wayne, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ウェイン
Name in Romaji Wein
Fighting Style Bowgun
Allegiance(s) Rock, Kenshiro
Position(s) Cowboy
Appearances Anime (ep. 131-133)
Voice actor(s) Unknown
Wayne (ウェイン Wein?)
One of the six cowboys who rode with Rock, Wayne was a young, blonde-haired man who wielded a bowgun with pinpoint accuracy. During the battle with Hyoh's private army, he hid in a ruined watchtower and sniped one of the Rasho's captains while he was ordering around his subordinates. He later attempted to do the same to Hyoh, but failed when the latter deflected his arrow. With his position betrayed, Wayne was killed when Hyoh's tank opened fire on his perch.


  • He is named after the famous American western film star, John Wayne.
  • Wayne's character and role in Rock's team has similarities to Jackson, a character from Saving Private Ryan. Both are skilled, calm snipers who meet their ends when their enemies trace their position in a high tower and blow it up with a shot from a tank.

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