Wú Dōnglái (traditional Chinese: 吳東來; Cantonese Jyutping: Ng4 Dung1 Loi4; Wade-Giles: Wu Tung-Lai; Japanese: 呉東来; rōmaji: Go Tōrai) Flag of the Republic of China
(c.v. Chafurin)

The Number Four Boss of the Honghua Hui comes from Kwangtung Province. Due to injuries he suffered at the fists of Yán Wáng (Kenshirō Kasumi), he is wheelchair-bound and must wear a metal contraption with a crank to raise and lower his head. Jumpy and triggerhappy, he'll shoot anything that bothers him. A slovenly womanizer, Wu desired Pan Guanglin's actress girlfriend Yang Meiyu. The insanely jealous Wu held Pan in his dungeon, intending to use him as the "tiger-meat" in his Cantonese "Dragon-Tiger Stew". Wu never got the chance, because Kenshiro knocked Wu into his own boiling cauldron, killing him.

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