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Wǔchāmén-Dǎng (Traditional Chinese: 五叉門黨; Japanese: 五叉門党 Goshamon-Tō)

An order of warrior monks from Heibei who serve Zhāng Tài-Yán. Each is known
only by the number of stars tattooed on their head. Their true purpose is to help Tài-Yán become a worthy successor of Hokuto Sonka Ken and eliminate Qing Bang members under the orders of Zhāng Dà-Yán. They ambush and kill Sòng Quán-Dé.


  1. Yixing
  2. Erfan Xing
  3. Sanfan Xing
  4. Sifan Xing
  5. Wufan Xing

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