Xie, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji シエ
Name in Romaji Xiè
Fighting Style Kōga Dansui
Position(s) Asura
Appearances Manga (ch. 179), Anime (ep. 131)
Voice actor(s) Masaharu Satō

Xiè (シエ Lit. Crab)

A crab-like Asura who fights with the Kōga Dansui style which uses metal claws. He is accompanied by another men wearing similar "eyestalk" style goggles that try to sneak attack Kenshiro, but they are all wiped away with ease and Xie is killed in his own trap. Xie believes modern shura are weak and also has a particular speech in the manga, obsessively ending each quote with the word "Crab".

TV series Edit

In the anime, Xie battles by himself. He fights Rock and kills several villagers before fighting Kenshiro. He is killed when Kenshiro explodes him.


  • In the Hokuto no Ken 2 videogame for Sega Genesis, Xie's a generic opponent with multiple sprites throughout some stages.