Yuu (manga)
Yuu and his parents, as they appear in the manga.
Name in Kanji ユウ
Name in Romaji
Alternate spelling(s) Yuh, Yuu, You
Family Jun (Father), Mother
Position(s) Villager
Appearances Manga (ch. 48), Anime (ep. 34-35)
Voice actor(s) Hiroko Emori
Yuu (ユウ ?)
Yuu was a sickly child who was taken to Amiba's castle for medical treatment by his parents, who were under the mistaken belief that Amiba was actually Toki. Yuu had been suffering from some kind of illness six months prior. Instead of healing the child, Amiba euthanized the boy by striking one of his vital points. The parents were not aware of Amiba's actions, being led to believe that the Toki impersonator was actually healing their son, until Kenshiro appeared, having witnessed what Amiba has done to the child.
After realizing that his son was dead, Yuu's father attempted to attack Amiba, but Amiba killed him by striking his Gekishinkō, which accelerated his heart until his blood vessels exploded. Amiba then used the mother as a human shield to protect himself from Kenshiro. What became of the mother afterwards is not shown.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, Yuu, along with his parents, are a part of a traveling caravan who is taken to Lin by Peru after she collapsed in the middle of the desert while wandering in search of Kenshiro. Yuu becomes ill only after rescuing Lin, so she and Peru join Yuu's parents on their trip to Amiba's castle. When Amiba tries to euthanizes Yuu, Kenshiro arrives in time to press a vital point to save him.


  • In the English Master Edition version of the manga, Yuu's father is given the name of Jun, although his name was never mentioned in the Japanese original. The mother remained nameless.


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