Yu (Rei Gaiden)
Yuu, as she appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji ユウ
Name in Romaji
Alternate spelling(s) Yu
Fighting Style Wrist-mounted crossbow
Allegiance(s) Eva, Rei
Family Eva (adoptive older sister)
Position(s) Mercenary, Princess of Asgarðr
Appearances Rei Gaiden

Yuu (ユウ ?)appears in Rei Gaiden as a young girl who meets Rei on his journey. She originally diguises herself as a boy and pretends to be a master of Nanto Seiken, donning a girl "disguise" on top of that to lure bandits in and steal their supplies (something Rei later adopts at a much more subliminal level at his introduction in Hokuto no Ken). After Rei saves her from bandits with his Nanto Suichō Ken, she agrees to take him to Asgarðr in his search for Airi. When she was young, Yuu's mother died in the desert during their journey to Asgarzul and she was adopted by Eva. She often distanced herself from her sister's ways, however, only growing to adopt them after Eva's death.

Following Eva's death, Yuu later became the new queen of Asgarðr and played a key role in the final battle between Rei and Rofu. Afterwards, she bid farewell to Rei and remained in the city.


  • Yuu's tactic of donning a female disguise to attack bandits and steal their supplies is a direct reference to Rei's introduction in Hokuto no Ken, and likely serves as inspiration for Rei after the events of Rei Gaiden.

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