Yura, as he appears in Shin Hokuto no Ken.
Name in Kanji ユラ
Name in Romaji Yura
Family Sanga (brother), Seiji (nephew)
Position(s) Seiji's aunt
Appearances Shin Hokuto no Ken
Voice actor(s) Reiko Suzuki
Yura (ユラ?)
An elderly woman from Shin Hokuto no Ken who roams the fortress-city of Last Land like a wandering spirit. She meets Sara at the underground lake and activates a hidden mechanism revealing a boat and a secret passage that will take her to the altar where Kenshiro is imprisoned.
She reappears after the fight between Kenshiro and Seiji and introduces herself as the latter's aunt. She tells Seiji that Sanga only abandoned him out of love because he wanted his son to become stronger.
Yura does not appear in the novel Jubaku no Machi, which the anime is based on.

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