Zaki, as she appears in the video-game.
Name in Kanji ザキ
Name in Romaji Zaki
Fighting Style Nanto Suichō Ken
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Mamiya (adoptive mother)
Souther (father)
Gyaran (brother)
Position(s) Successor of Nanto Suichō Ken
Appearances Hokuto no Ken (Banpresto)
Voice actor(s) Michie Tomizawa
Zaki (ザキ Zaki?)
The adoptive daughter of Mamiya and the successor of Nanto Suicho Ken, which is said to be the most magnificent among the 108 sects of Nanto, with a dance that is as graceful as a swan. She carries the destiny of the Star of Justice like Rei before her.
It is later revealed she is the daughter of Souther and sister of her nemesis, Gyaran

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