Zaku, as he appears in the manga
Name in Kanji ザク
Name in Romaji Zaku
Alternate spelling(s) Zak
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Captain of Ken-Oh's Imperial Guard
Appearances Manga (ch. 113), Anime (ep. 92-94)
Voice actor(s) Masato Hirano
Zaku (ザク?)
A general in Ken-Oh's army. He is ordered by Raoh to stop Kenshiro, so he sends out a large motorcycle army following Jacob's Lancer Squadron that is taken out by Fudo. Later on, he services Raoh's armor after his first battle with Juza and offers him a vehicle to replace the stolen Kokuoh, to which Raoh declines.


  • Many fans believe that Zaku is the unnamed, mustached soldier who shot Raoh in the leg with an arrow to stop him from killing Yuria. The TV series just called this character "Ken'oh Army Corps Commander" (拳王軍団団長) and he was voiced by a different actor than Zaku. To add to the confusion, the movie Raoh Den: Gekitō no Shō, depicts Balga in this role, not Zaku.


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