Zan, as he appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji ザン
Name in Romaji Zan
Fighting Style Nanto Kōjaku Ken
Allegiance(s) Rofu, Yuda
Position(s) Asgarðr bodyguard
Appearances Rei Gaiden
Zan (ザン, Zan)
Appearing in the spinoff Rei Gaiden, Zan is the successor of Nanto Kōjaku Ken and knows Rei from the Nanto congregation, held once every ten years. Zan works as a bodyguard in the West Side of Asgarðr, yet plans to seize the city for Rofu. After Rei saves Frieda and the valkyries from Zan and his men, Lan revealed he is in fact a double agent working for Yuda.
After Yuda's failed coup against Rofu, Zan escapes the city. He later confronts Rei in the wasteland with a hostage disguised as Airi. As Zan prepares to kill the helpless Rei, Shu appears and reveals the truth, leaving Rei to kill Zan with the destructive Senjin Gaha Zan technique.
Like many of Yuda's henchmen, Zan is fashion conscious, he was particularly upset when Rei messed with his hair, mustache and clothing.