Zankai Sekiho Ken
Zankai Sekiho Ken (manga)

(ざん) (かい) (せき) ()

Kanji 残悔積歩拳
Romaji Zankai Sekiho Ken
English Burden of Regret Walk Fist
School Hokuto Shin Ken

Zankai Sekiho Ken (残悔積歩拳, Burden of Regret Walk Fist)

Zankai Sekiho Ken is a secret Hokuto Shinken technique which unleashes a flurry of punches in a flash of light before striking the 'Shitsugen' pressure point. This causes the victim to lose control of their legs and walk backwards to their doom, as Kenshirō demonstrated by making Amiba plummet from the roof of his castle.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Kenshirō performs this against Amiba in volume 6, chapter 51, titled "A Sad Genius!" (悲しき天才! Kanashiki Tensai!?)

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