Name in Kanji ザルカ
Name in Romaji Zaruka
Alternate spelling(s) Zarka
Fighting Style Shuchō Shokei Tōjutsu
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Member of Ken-oh's Imperial Guards
Appearances Manga (ch. 58-59), Anime (ep. 41-42)
Voice actor(s) Kōzō Shioya
Zarqa (ザルカ, Zaruka, زرقاء)
The Captain of Ken-Oh's Royal Guard. He appears with Qasim after the death of Warden Uighur to thwart Kenshiro from meeting the imprisoned Toki. In order to repay their debt to Kenshiro for liberating Cassandra, Raiga and Fuga rush ahead to release Toki. However, they are caught in a booby trap set by Zarqa and Qasim, who torture the two rebels to death but are unable to stop them creating a path for Kenshiro.
Initially, Zarqa tries to kill Kenshiro in hiding but his shurikens are easily caught. After giving his location away, he attempts to stop Kenshiro and Toki from reuniting with his Shuchō Shokei Tōjutsu (首長処刑刀術, Shiek Execution Fencing) style, which involves approaching the enemy while spinning an Arabian-style scimitar. Kenshiro defeats him with a single kick and stabs him in the head with his own blade to silence him.

TV SeriesEdit

  • In the anime, it is an original character, Burg, who kills Raiga and Fuga, instead of Zarqa and Qasim.

Video Games Edit

  • Hokuto no Ken 3 has a random enemy called Zarqa encountered randomly in Cassandra. However the enemy's sprite resembles Galf and doesn't have Zarqa's techniques, which are instead used by generic enemies in Cassandra.
  • Hokuto no Ken for playstation re-uses Zarqa and Qasim's model for all of Ken-oh's royal guards in addition to featuring the pair themselves. Zarqa and his look alike all have the sword spinning technique.
  • Shin Hokuto Muso has a unidentified royal guard represent Zarqa in legend mode.