Zeeza, as he appears in the video-game.
Name in Kanji ジーザ
Name in Romaji Jīza
Fighting Style Unknown
Allegiance(s) Zen-Oh
Position(s) Attack Squad Captain
Appearances Hokuto no Ken (Banpresto)
Voice actor(s) Yukitoshi Hori
Zeeza (ジーザ Jīza?)
A thug who is captain of Hokuto Mumyō Ken's attack squad. He is sent to kill Kenshiro at the Hokuto Mumyō Ken cave. However, Kenshiro defeats him with the Shin-ichi (新一) vital point, forcing him to reveal Lin's whereabouts. Zeeza confesses that Lin has been taken to the Death Blood Prison in the south before he explodes.
His character is based on Zeed.


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