Zhāng Dàyán (章 大厳 Shō Daigen?) (c.v. Seizō Katō)

Master of the Hokuto Sōka Ken style and father of the Honghua Hui boss, Zhang Lieshan. He later married Zhang Taiyan's mother and had been led to believe Tàiyán was his child when he was actually the son of her previous husband. Years later Dàyán was enraged to learn the truth and his wife killed herself on the condition Dàyán spare Zhāng Tàiyán's life. Noticing the young Tàiyán's talent, he adopted him and trained him in Sōkaken. Eventually Dàyán passed on the title of Sōkaken Master to Tàiyán after Tàiyán defeated him. However, Dàyán then died as a result of injuries from the fight.

TV SeriesEdit

He did not fight against his son in the anime because the series was prematurely canceled.


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