Zhāng Lièshān (章 烈山 Shō Retsuzan?)
Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China Army Flag Beiyang star
The gigantic leader and Number One Boss of the Hónghuá Huì‎. Does not like when people call him big. Shown to reside in the city of Xi'an. Son of the Hokuto Sōka Ken master, Zhang Dayan, and Zhāng Tài-Yán's older step-brother. Former military governor of Beiyang Army. He is also a general in the National Revolutionary Army army (reflecting real historical support the Kuomingtang received from various Triad gangs) but works in secret with Chinese communist groups in the Shanxi Province as well to his own benefit. His father did not train him in Hokuto Sōka Ken, but due to his giant stature and overwhelming physical strength he is still deadly wielding a pair of matching giant sai. After his defeat to Kenshiro he asks his brother to blind him.
He was omitted in the TV anime series.

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