Zorige, as he appears in the TV series.
Name in Kanji ゾリゲ
Name in Romaji Zorige
Fighting Style Acid filled balls
Allegiance(s) Galf
Position(s) Member of Galf's gang
Appearances Anime (ep. 51)
Voice actor(s) Ikuya Sawaki[1]
Zorige (ゾリゲ Zorige?)
Appearing in the TV series, Zorige was a thug from Galf's gang in Medicine City, who juggled balls filled with sulfuric acid. He attacks Mamiya while she is looking for pain killers for Rei. However, Rei arrives and, although already dying from his fight with Raoh, fights and defeats Zorige.

  1. Erroneously credited to Ryoichi Tanaka on the ending credits.

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